Each year, a growing number of high school graduates are choosing to take a structured year off before entering college. 

    This gap year gives them time to reflect on personal goals, explore possible future careers, or pursue service opportunities internationally or closer to home.

    The most important factor in guaranteeing a successful gap year is planning. 

Find Your Purpose

With the hundreds of choices available for year-long opportunities, as well as the nearly infinite number of combinations of activities possible, students benefit from having a consultant dedicated to sorting through the options.

We provide students direction and assistance in exploration of potential experiences and programs, as well as selection and planning of their gap year.  Our goal is to find the program for each student that transforms them. We encourage them to use the year to learn about the world around them and find their place in it.



Assistance obtaining college deferment


Initial interview to determine students’ interests and goals for their gap year


Guidance for curriculum selection for extra-academic or non-academic coursework



Researching of national and international volunteer and service opportunities


Help finding apprenticeships or career exploring employment, plus interview coaching for internships or paid work


$375 for 5 hours and $80/hour for each subsequent hour


Students can have meaningful appointments in places as varied as organic farms in Central America to New York City design firms. The possibilities are endless.

While there is no typical Gap Year, here are examples of different ways to divide up the year. All students are expected to complete the college application process and obtain a deferment prior to the start of their Gap Year. 

  • AMAZON CONSERVATION IN PERU – 12 week fall project working alongside researchers to document the Amazon ecosystem and help to conserve the Amazon rainforest by supporting sustainable community projects.
  • PROJECT ENGINEER INTERNSHIP IN ATLANTA – 12 week paid spring semester internship at The Kroger Company working as a member of the Facility Engineering construction under the guidance of a project manager.
  • GLOBAL GAP YEAR PROGRAM – 7 month program with stays in multiple countries on 3 continents learning cultural sensitivity and how to communicate across language barriers, as well as the study of local public health, education, and sustainable food production systems.
  • CODING BOOTCAMP IN ATLANTA – Complete the 12 week course during the fall semester.
  • HOLIDAY FEED THE HUNGRY IN ATLANTA – 3 week volunteer job preparing for the Thanksgiving Event.
  • ORPHANAGE WORK IN TANZANIA – 12 week spring semester volunteer project working with children in this East African country.
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